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How to Increase Libido in Men: (9 Natural Ways)

Life is not a flat road but an entire journey with several rough patches, ups & downs, smooth pathways, and whatnot. Similarly, our feelings, relationships, body functioning, etc., varies depending on several factors impacting our overall life. Sexual drive is one of the sexual functions that many men and women get concerned about. 

According to some stats, every 1 in 4 men experiences low sexual desire as they age. What are the reasons that impact low sexual desire? 

What is the scientific explanation of sexual desire? What is the normal libido? 

Why is it essential for sex drive?

These are some of the common questions most men, as well as women, are concerned about. This article will tell you everything about sex drive(libido), why it is important, and how to fix low libido naturally. So let’s get into it. 

What Is Libido?

The most straightforward explanation for the term libido is sexual desire or desire for sex in men and women. Libido is triggered by testosterone( a sexual hormone) in men. The development of male sex organs is also managed by testosterone. 

We can also define libido as an individual’s desire to get into sexual activity. Specific exercises can cause higher libido, while other factors can negatively impact the desire. Aging, illness, stress & anxiety are the most common reasons why men might have a lower libido. 

Why Is It Important? What Is Normal Libido?

We know the scientific reasoning of libido as men’s testosterone levels result in higher or lower libido. But why is it important?

We can understand libido from a psychological perspective as the energy of human beings. This energy results from the survival and sexual instincts of an individual. According to psychologists, libido is not only associated with sexual energy but also representative of psychic energy. Libido levels are critical overall because it indicates the mental, social, and emotional health of men and women. 

What Is Normal Libido?

Too high is often not a point of concern for many when it comes to libido and dopamine. However, knowing the normal libido is necessary so you can take the correct initiatives to fix the situation in any case, low or high. Too high a sexual drive is called sexual compulsion. 

However, when it comes to normal, it can vary from person to person. Normal of one can be too high for another, or normal of the same person can be zero sex drive for another person. Even someone’s standard can be having sex three times a week, while another person might want to have it thrice a day. 

Therefore, we cannot define a range of normal libido. However, if you feel frustrated about low libido, you can adopt some habits and remedies to fix it. You should be concerned about low libido when you have experienced low or no sex drive abruptly after certain life events or a change of routine. 

9 Natural Ways To Increase Libido And Stamina In Men 

Here are 9 natural ways to increase libido and stamina in men:

1. Manage Your Diet 

One of the most convenient and go-to approaches for improving your body functioning is to work on what you eat because one popular phrase says, ‘you are what you eat.’

Certain food items and fruits can help you improve your libido and testosterone levels. Avocados, figs, and bananas are aphrodisiacs or libido-increasing fruits. Aphrodisiacs refer to food items or drugs that help increase sexual instinct or desire in men and women. These foods are also known to increase sexual pleasure and performance.

You can not only fix your libido levels by eating such fruits, but it is good for overall blood flow to the genitals as these fruits are rich in many essential minerals and vitamins. 

2. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol 

Limiting your alcohol intake is also helpful for improving libido in men. According to the research, drinking too much alcohol for a long period will result in lower sexual drive and testosterone levels. Researchers have found that too much alcohol affects erectile function in men and results in impaired ability of sexual performance.

Not all, but many peoples have experienced improved sexual drive after quitting alcohol. Therefore, if you have been drinking too much lately and experiencing low libido, it is worth considering leaving liquor or limiting the amount of intake. 

3. Work On Your Self-Confidence And Psychological Aspects 

We are often ignorant regarding personal and mental peace regarding sexual performance and desire. Anxiety, stress, lack of self-confidence, etc., are psychological aspects that impact different departments of our life, and sexual drive is also one of those. 

Such factors in your life prevent you from enjoying sexual activity. Therefore, you must work on your self-esteem and confidence to make your body feel good. You can do meditation, yoga, diet, get therapy from a consultant and improve your self-image. 

4. Herbs Can Also Help Manage Libido 

Several herbs we use in our daily routine can help you increase libido if taken correctly. Garlic is one of the herbs having allicin in sufficient amounts to increase blood flow. When the blood flow to the genitals is managed well, it can help you recover from erectile dysfunction. 

Basil’s smell triggers our senses, and adding a bit of it to your food can help. Ginko Biloba is yet another herb from a Chinese tree that helps improve sexual dysfunction in males. A bark from West Africa contains an alkaloid called Yohimbine. It helps maintain an erection and improves the quality of an erection. 

5. Manage Your Routine And Sleep 

As mentioned earlier, our life choices and routines contribute to our body functioning in different departments. Having a hectic routine, not getting enough sleep, working a lot, or not feeling good can result in lower libido. 

If you are concerned about your sex drive after getting into a hectic routine, consider managing your daily life to get enough sleep. Frequent naps in your free time can improve your overall energy levels and sex drive. 

6. Chocolate Can Also Help

Did you know that chocolate intake increases the release of serotonin which creates mood-lifting and aphrodisiac effects? It also regulates blood flow toward genital tissues and improves libido levels in a man’s body. 

It’s one of the reasons why chocolate is often associated with desire. Therefore, you must consider eating more chocolate to improve sexual pleasure and drive your body. 

7. Take Relevant Supplements 

Supplements also help improve men’s and women’s overall strength, stamina, and libido. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction leading to low sexual performance and desire, Pyhgogenol is known to be helpful for it. Similarly, many other natural ingredients, like Achyranthes, astragalus root, biota seeds, ginseng, etc., are helpful in improving men’s health. 

You can look for relevant supplements to improve your overall health and performance, be it sex drive, exercise, or general lifestyle. A-Game Herbal is a supplement made from 21 herbally proven ingredients that help improve men’s overall health. Different ingredients improve the body’s functioning by enhancing testosterone levels, muscle strength, stamina, and even libido. 

8. Weight Management And Exercise

Diet-related issues and gaining extra pounds are also reasons behind low fertility in both men and women. Therefore, if you have gained some weight recently and are experiencing lower libido, you must lose your excess weight to improve your overall sexual health. Research studies show that obese or overweight people experience lower sex drive due to low fertility. 

Besides cutting your calories to manage weight, exercising and adding physical activity to your daily routine also helps to improve your mental and physical health. A research study in 2015 showed that exercise improves testosterone levels and body image concerns, libido, and relationships in men. Therefore, work on your workout regime alongwith your diet when aiming to shed extra pounds off your body. 

9. Visit Your Doctor 

Visiting a doctor is the least opted option by many people when it comes to experiencing lower sexual drive or performance. If you have tried natural ways, but nothing seems to work, it is a great idea to consult your doctor and ask for his recommendations about the problem. 

If there are any medical reasons behind the low sexual drive, only a medical professional can identify it and suggest you a solution. In another case, he might ask you to communicate with your partner and open yourself to him or her. Your doctor can also suggest you medication if the low libido is due to any underlying medical reason. 

Final Words

We have discussed different reasons why men experience lower sexual desire or lack the strength to perform simpler tasks. You can only improve your health by making healthy choices, be it getting enough sleep, eating the right food, or doing regular exercise.

 However, the A-Game supplement is a natural medicine made from 21 ingredients. Each ingredient blends its benefits for men’s health. You can order your supply from the online store and see how it helps you improve your overall health as a man. 

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