A-Game FAQs

A-GAME has been tested for 5 years, and then officially opened for business in 2017.  We have been honored to serve men, families, and communities across the USA and numerous internationally markets, selling to thousands of satisfied repeat customers month after month with life changing results.

A-GAME is targeted to men ranging from age 35 to 70.

Yes, A GAME is an all natural product and does not contain caffeine.

A-GAME is a proprietary blend of 21 herbs that positively affects a man’s blood flow, immunity, vitality, energy, strength and libido.  Vitality includes blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, testosterone, and quality of life concerns.

We make no medical claims only indicate what the herbs and formula have been known to help men with through research and self report.

A-GAME is organically grown in China. Is non-GMO and packaged in 100% veggie capsules with no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

In our current supply chain, one million A-Game herbal formulations per annum. In the near future (less than 1 year), over one million A-Game herbal formulations can be produced monthly.

A-GAME is manufactured and distributed by Black Star University, formerly Father’s Time, under President and CEO Dr. Spencer Holman.

A-GAME is manufactured in the USA in Hermosa, California and distributed from Murrieta, California and Middletown, Delaware.  

Please contact Dr. Michelle, A-Game Business Development Director~ 302-897-9690 or DrMichelleKnights@gmail.com ~ for ordering, opportunities to partner with us, white-label wholesale agreements, and any questions you might have.

A-GAME normally last in a man’s body for 3 days (72 hours).  Must drink lots of water for best results.

Yes, an informal trial of over 100 men from age 30 to 75, from all walks of life has been conducted on A-GAME.

Yes. A-GAME has been tested by an independent lab to verify its ingredients within the last 5 years and we are in the process of conducting that study again this year.

Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, herbal supplements such as A-GAME are not approved nor disapproved by the FDA. They are classified as neither drug nor food.