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Staying Healthy

Make Staying Inside Count

Experts in infectious diseases don’t want everyone to panic over the new coronavirus, instead they encourage everyone to take this pandemic very seriously to prevent the spread of the virus. Staying healthy by staying inside seems to be the most effective way to mitigate the coronavirus, according to the CDC.

We know with this and most viruses they spread via mucous. Accordingly, the best possible way to lower your exposure to potential infection is to stay indoors, as far away from virus “carriers” as possible. Making sure you are washing everything often, including:

  • Your Hands
  • Your Face
  • Any surfaces you interact with (tables, countertops, desks)
  • Your Clothing – do laundry often
  • Highly-used surfaces:
    • Doorknobs
    • Handles
    • TV remotes
    • Computer keyboards

Everyone can do their part by being considerate of everyone in your community right now. Stay inside as often as possible.

In most cases, younger people may have stronger immune systems than older people and others in high-risk categories, yet they may still be carriers and fall ill.

So self-quarantine is still the best and only way to insure you remain healthy, and keep neighbors and folks in your community safe.

As we’re all experiencing this together it’s best we continue to be considerate of others.

As the mind is very powerful and directs the nervous and immune systems remaining fearful and being anxious does more harm in helping you to keep your immune system in tip top virus fighting shape. So keep positive, light – and laugh often when you can. And keep your A-Game, by getting A-Game!