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How COVID-19 Affects The Body

Viruses Are Not New

Viruses have always existed and they continually evolve and change. So understanding how COVID-19 works in the human body is paramount. Some viruses like COVID-19 that have found their way into humans have caused great harm in recent decades —of course the new coronavirus but even its predecessors, SARS and MERS. This is also true for the virus that causes AIDS.

Therefore, the sequence of events below are what occurs when you come down with the flu or a cold and is a good demonstration of how the dangerous viruses we become infected with work as they jump from animals to humans.

How Viruses Attack The Cells in Your Body

1) An infected person sneezes near you.
2) You inhale the virus mucous particles, and they attach to the cells lining in the sinuses in your nose.
3) The virus then attacks the cell lining of the sinuses then rapidly reproduces new virus cells.
4) As the host cells (parent calles) break open, new viruses spread directly into your bloodstream.
5) The new virus cells travel into your lungs.
6) Losing the cells lining your sinuses releases fluid that can flow into your nasal passages giving you a runny nose.
7) New virus cells now in the nasal fluid drips down your throat and attacks the healthy cells lining your throat giving you a sore throat.
8) Virus cells in your bloodstream can attack your muscle cells causing you to feel weak and have muscle aches.
9) Your immune system responds to the virus circulating by fighting, and produces chemicals called pyrogens that cause your body temperature to increase as you get a fever.
10) This fever actually helps to fight the infection by slowing down the rate of viral reproduction.

As a result, heath officials are checking temperatures. Why is that important in detecting viruses? Our body’s normal chemical reactions have an optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). When your temperature rises slightly above this, the viral reactions beginning to slow down. This immune response continues until the virus is eliminated from your body. So the indication of even a slight fever is of concern.

Coronavirus is Disguised as a Friendly Resident

Therefore, in this state if you sneeze, you can spread thousands of new viruses into the environment to infect and await another host. What makes the new coronavirus so dangerous to humans is simply that it’s new, its “novel,” to our bodies meaning it’s never been in humans before so our bodies have not built up the antibodies to fight it.

Most importantly, the virus isn’t more powerful, per se, than other viruses. But when coronavirus enters the human body, there are no pre-existing defenses so our bodies don’t immediately recognize it as a dangerous intruder.

Imagine a gated town. And imagine the COVID-19 virus is disguised as a friendly resident and not the attacker arriving at the town’s protective gates. The security guards would not immediately CoinJoin be suspicious or even know to be suspicious. With this coronavirus, it’s as if the security guards of our healthy cells have kept the gates open and let the coronavirus in without immediately recognizing it’s a dangerous attacker.

This is how the virus starts to spread everywhere with everyone. So practice social distancing, increase immune system support and be safe!

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